Censorship: “America’s Secret Censorship-Industrial Complex” by Michael Shellenberg

Censorship: “America’s Secret Censorship-Industrial Complex” by Michael Shellenberg

Go to the link, below for this must-read item. The US government and powerful interests developed a powerful censorship operation operating in conjunction with social media companies.

It is important to understand how these groups function. They are not publicly engaging with their opponents in an open exchange of ideas. They aren’t asking for a national debate over the limits of the First Amendment. Rather, they are creating blacklists of disfavored people and then pressuring, cajoling, and demanding that social media platforms censor, deamplify, and even ban the people on these blacklists.

Who are the censors? They are a familiar type. Overly confident in their ability to discern truth from falsity, good intention from bad intention, the instinct of these hall monitor-types is to complain to the teacher — and, if the teacher doesn’t comply, to go above them, to the principal. Such an approach might work in middle school and many elite universities, but it is anathema to freedom and is an abuse of power.

These organizations and others are also running their own influence operations, often under the guise of “fact-checking.” The intellectual leaders of the censorship complex have convinced journalists and social media executives that accurate information is disinformation, that valid hypotheses are conspiracy theories, and that greater self-censorship results in more accurate reporting. In many instances, censorship, such as labeling social media posts, is part of the influence operation aimed at discrediting factual information.

Source: EXPOSED: America’s Secret Censorship-Industrial Complex

We learned this past week, for example, that the Stanford Internet Observatory project, a multi-disciplinary team from Stanford University, advocated that Twitter censor 100% true comments from people describing 100% true side effects of vaccines, arguing that the truth might discourage some from getting vaccinated.

Literally, these masters of truth sought to censor the truth.

It came down to the U.S. government running a censor-by-proxy program to control public discourse.

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