No they are not: Are newspapers as relevant as they think they are?

No they are not: Are newspapers as relevant as they think they are?

The author of this item notes that the newspaper industry views itself as heroic saviors, identifying and publicizing everything that is wrong with the world and holding local government accountable.

Except that may never have been true and is definitely not true today, noting how the news industry missed major and critically important stories, often hiding in plain sight.

The newspaper industry is dying from irrelevance.

Source: Newsless papers – Don Surber

The author (a self-described MAGA head so there’s a caution) notes that the news media completely missed the SVB impending collapse – a collapse that a former venture fund manager had been detailing on his personal Twitter account since mid-January. In other words, hiding in plain sight.

Locally, our city council just announced it will likely raise parking fees at the local airport from $15 to $24 per day; there is no bus service to the airport. There are no economy or long-term parking options, as in almost all other airports. The rate was just $10 in 2019.

To support this, the Council had a chart showing alleged parking rates at other airports in the PNW and claimed the $15/hour charge was less than almost all of them. Except that was a lie. Most airports have economy options between $7 and $12/day. But for the chart creator, all of the lower cost options were omitted.

The $24 value was picked simply because that is the peak price charged at PDX in a close-in, covered parking garage. PDX also has economy, long-term and third-party parking options that are much less.

Not one council member bothered to verify this chart. No one in the local media verified this chart. But numerous members of the public spotted this obvious malfeasance. Where was the much-vaunted press that is looking out for us?

Just one local TV station mentioned the proposal. The local newspaper did not cover the story at all.

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