Media invents new scary climate terminology

Media invents new scary climate terminology

Climate-wrecking emissions“:

The Guardian invented an entire class of terminology and then working with the Columbia University School of Journalism, persuaded most other media to follow along in lock stop. The term “climate-wrecking emissions” is a pejorative creation of the AP – it did not come from Kerry or the IPCC documents.

Using pejorative language – rather than neutral languages – is a propaganda method. Rather than report the news, the media’s goal is to persuade you to adopt someone else’s agenda. Instead of helping you understand the issues so you can think for yourself, the media tells you what to think.

The author, Ellen Knickmeyer, appears to have an extensive record of global travel. Remember, global travel is evil – unless done by the elite in the pursuit of stories about climate change (see climate hypocrites 1 and 2).

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