The manufacturing of political candidates

The manufacturing of political candidates

Long, fascinating story about how political candidates in Oregon (and likely every state) are manufactured, trained and positioned by political groups. This story is about Emerge, an organization that trained female political candidates, but the story is likely identical for male candidates:

“Emerge got me to where I am, as well as so many others. Emerge used to stand for positive change in governing. I assumed that meant things would be different,” Pace said. Now, she added, a few are the “same terrible actors” they wanted to replace, just “with female identifying candidates.”

Source: Emerge Oregon, the powerful political network for Democratic women that nurtured Shemia Fagan, reckons with her downfall –

Many of the program’s beneficiaries – Shagan, Williamson, and others, later imploded over ethics issues. The article highlights Sharon Meieran as a beneficiary but leaves out her flying to a Hawaii vacation home during the pandemic, and then tweeting from Hawaii that Oregon should be in lockdown and people should not travel. She even gave a Zoom or telephone interview from Hawaii to Oregon media saying that Oregon should be in lockdown. She justified her travel as okay because … she’s a physician. Read about that here (search the page for “Sharon Meieran”)

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