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Facebook’s #Instagram is as privacy invasive as #Facebook

Log in to Instagram in a browser. Click on your profile icon at upper right. Click on the round, slightly gear shaped icon next to your channel name and “Edit Profile” button. Click on Privacy and Security option on the pop up menu. Page down and click on View Account Data. Here you can see that they record – forever – any current and former phone numbers and email addresses you have provided. They also record – forever – any…

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The joy of living in a fact-free world of official government propaganda #Cellphone #Crashes #Propaganda

WCSO is the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. They put out this social media poster on Twitter, regarding cell phone usage / distracted driving and fatalities. They cite ODOT Crash Analysis & Reporting, 2015. But check the details. Per the ODOT report just 1 of the 73 pedestrian fatalities was linked to cell phone usage (see page 18, fatal pedestrian accident data). 0.7% of all accidents and 0.5% of accidents having a fatality were linked to cell phone usage. Most people…

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News: How poor reporting becomes propaganda

Reporters and statistics rarely work well together: In 2018, the average premium on the exchange was $5,798.83 and for 2019, companies are proposing to sell products with an average premium of $6,274.08. Source: 2019 insurance on the Obamacare exchange in Ohio will increase | An average provides useful information about a random distribution – ACA premiums are not a random distribution. ACA premiums are a non-linear distribution. When prices are across a non-linear curve, the average tells us little…

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#Facebook Pages are basically dead #deletefacebook

Facebook “Pages” provide content to those who “Like” or “Follow” your page on Facebook. Facebook’s filtering algorithm has mostly discontinued showing Page updates to your readers. Facebook Pages are dead. Actual Numbers I had 4 Pages, with the smallest one having 100 followers and the largest having 2,000 followers.  Each post on the 2,000 follower page is seen by 12% of followers. Each post I wrote on a 400+ follower page was seen by 1-2% of followers. So why bother…

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Facebook: We left the doors wide open and are so surprised that "malicious actors" walked right in and stole everything

Like what is the world coming to now days? Facebook said Wednesday that “malicious actors” took advantage of search tools on its platform, making it possible for them to discover the identities and collect information on most of its 2 billion users worldwide. Source: Facebook: ‘Malicious actors’ used its tools to discover identities and collect data on a massive global scale – The Washington Post Facebook enabled massive identify theft to occur for much of the past 14 years. Empirically,…

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Shooter accused #Youtube of censoring and de-monitizing her videos

Police were notified about the shooter by her family and met with the shooter overnight Tuesday, before she went on a shooting rampage. After police notified the family they had found her, the family called the police back and notified the police they were worried she was going to engage Youtube. A few hours later, she shot up Youtube. She said she was “filtered” by Youtube and Instagram. The vegan, anti-animal cruelty activist then attempted to murder many Youtube staff….

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#Instagram does not need all those app permissions, How to use it safely #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

When you install the Instagram app, it wants access to your Phone and SMS functions on your phone. Today we know that Facebook’s Messenger app harvested ALL of your call and text records and stored them in the Facebook spy database. Instagram is a product of Facebook and absolutely cannot be trusted regarding personal privacy. Facebook’s policy is to collect all information, everywhere. Therefore do not permit Instagram access to features it does not need. And remember NEVER EVER upload…

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U.S. State Department will require most visitors to U.S. to turn over their social media history

Source: Extreme vetting: State Dept. to demand tourists’ social media history – Washington Times With the poll (below) saying 86% of Americans don’t care about privacy, does that mean that the few percent of us who have reduced our social media exposure will be suspect? The U.S. State Department will demand your 5 years worth of social media identifiers, phone numbers and email addresses. Soon, U.S. residents will almost certainly be asked to provide the same information to other countries.

Poll says Americans do not care about privacy #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

** 86 percent said they have not changed their login credentials on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms.* * 78 percent have not switched to “private mode” on their browser. ** 96 percent have not turned to more secure, encrypted apps like Signal and WhatsApp.TAPE IT UP About 17 percent of adults, or about 1 in 6, said they protect their identity by placing tape over the camera on their computer or device. Source: Poll: Are Americans taking steps…

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Everyone in tech is stealing everyone's personal data #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

In 2012: 11 percent of free apps in Apple’s iTunes store collected address book data. That means names, addresses, phone numbers, email contacts. Source: What data is being collected on you? Some shocking info | TED Blog You may have noticed the U.S. stock market is in free fall. Some blame a looming trade war. However, it seems likely that the entire tech industry is about to be hit with heavy handed regulation because the entire tech industry has been…

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#Facebook attempted to sell personal data to Australian political parties #DeleteFacebook

The tool would allow parties to match data they had collected about voters – such as ages, emails, phone numbers, postcodes, names and birth dates – against similar information listed by users on their Facebook profiles. The combination of the two data sets would allow parties to target Australians identified as swinging voters with tailored ads when they use Facebook. Source: Revealed: the powerful Facebook data matching tool the Liberal Party rejected over legal fears