Social media platforms all became swamps of propaganda

So glad I spotted all this propaganda focused crap on social media long before everyone else noticed:

Those services included infiltrating target audiences with elaborately crafted social-media personas and spreading misleading information through websites meant to mimic news portals, according to interviews and PSY Group documents seen by Bloomberg News.

Source: Mueller Asked About Money Flows to Israeli Social-Media Firm, Source Says – Bloomberg

Social media is a global surveillance and propaganda platform.

100% Fake News: “Hillsboro is building its own Wi-Fi network | KATU”


The largest planned residential development in Oregon history is now under construction in Hillsboro, and the city has an enticement for people to move there: Wi-Fi.The city is building its own Wi-Fi network separate from the cable giants.

Source: Hillsboro is building its own Wi-Fi network | KATU

Update: See the original screen shots of the KATU fake news story, below. They have since rewritten their original fake news story (same URL as before) to correctly report on the fiber network. They have not, however, noted the correction on their web site that the entire prior report was false. However, the story continues to have the original fake news headline as its URL:

I have learned that much news is written by reporters that do not understand what they are reporting, take quotes out of context, report largely as variations on celebrity gossip (who said what to whom), cover most topics as if they were horse races (think political campaigns), and frequently report on items that are 100% unimportant. Think of people getting crappy service in a small restaurant in another state – and soon it is national news. Their primary purpose is to sell eyeballs to advertisers and selecting topics, no matter how unimportant is fine, especially if it gets the viewer emotionally riled up.

Hillsboro is planning to build its own residential fiber network offering speeds up to 1 Gbps. This has nothing to do with Wi-Fi. KATU has created a 100% fake news story. Their reporting never once mentions that it is a fiber network and repeatedly calls it a Wi-Fi network.

Here is the official City of Hillsboro press release – its fiber, not Wi-Fi.

They mention Wi-Fi once, noting that the new fiber network might create a future opportunity to expand Wi-Fi connectivity. But they are building a fiber network, not a Wi-Fi network.

What Fake News Looks Like: “Volcanic eruptions like the one in Hawaii, are not natural disasters — without them the Earth would explode”

Fox News runs a column about Kilauea in which it gets almost everything wrong starting with the headline.

Source: Volcanic eruptions like the one in Hawaii, are not natural disasters — without them the Earth would explode | Fox News

What an actual volcanologist has to say about this:

I also checked with my personal consulting geologist who agrees with Dr. Pitcher.

In case Fox fixes their stupidity on this, here’s a screen capture of the headline:

Why #Facebook is doomed to collapse #DeleteFacebook

  • The more time we have been on Facebook, the more we share.
  • The more time we spend on Facebook, the more friends we have.
  • Over time, each of us shares more posts to an ever expanding group of friends leading to “post overload”.
  • Facebook’s model of gaining friends and sharing more – collapses on itself due to the noise level.
  • Facebook tried to solve that by filtering our “news feed” to what it thinks is important but filters out many things we want to see, thereby ruining the user experience of why we used Facebook.
  • Facebook’s model of having more friends, sharing more things ends up collapsing on to itself.
  • Throw in third parties spreading fake news and propaganda and the noise level climbs off the charts.

That, in turn, takes us to the tragedy of the commons – we’re ‘supposed’ to post stuff, but by posting stuff, we overload each other’s feeds. Facebook’s Growth team was too good at its job.

50% of Facebook’s engineering effort goes into stuffing more noise into the newsfeed, and the other 50% into working out ways to filter it — Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) March 7, 2013

Source: The death of the newsfeed — Benedict Evans

Good bye Facebook. Good bye.

EU intends to stop social media-based “fake news”

How they will do that is not clear. A great way to avoid social media-based fake news is to avoid social media 🙂

Brussels is preparing to crack down on social media companies who have been accused of spreading “fake news”, issuing a stark warning that scandals such as the Facebook data leak threaten to “subvert our democratic systems”.

Source: EU plans to crack down on ‘fake news’ in social media

Fake news is some times intended as satire but is also used as a form of propaganda messaging. When shared on social media, fake news stories are an effective form of propaganda, quickly reaching large audiences.

On the other hand, some fake news is legitimate satire from publications like The Onion and The Beaverton.

Google News publishes fake news on April 1

Google News has been punked (so much for all that AI and machine learning!)

And if one reads the news article:

An exclusive source has confirmed to Finance Magnates that beleaguered social media giant Facebook is diversifying its product line with a cryptocurrency of its own – Facebook Coin (FBC). Users will have to register to use the coin, but Facebook will guarantee that wallets and transactions will be completely anonymous.

Source: Exclusive: Facebook to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency with Massive ICO | Finance Magnates

Hah hah. Happy April Fool’s Day!

#Facebook says internal memo saying dead users okay was just “fake news” #DeleteFacebook

From the 2016 memo: “Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools … And still we connect people.”

Andrew Bosworth now says he didn’t mean what he said, you know, it was just fake news. And Facebook staff are experts at fake news! Hah hah!

Source: Facebook is defending itself again after an internal memo suggested growth was more important than user safety – Recode

How media manipulates your interpretation of a news story

Nearly every story on Facebook this week has featured this Getty Images photo of Zuckerberg looking contrite:

The photo first appeared in the press in about May of 2017. In other words, this photo is about one year old.

The media has deliberately selected an old photo of Zuckerberg to make it look like he is contrite and feeling badly about the current predicament of Facebook. This assertion, however, is made up entirely by fiction writers in the media. We have no idea how he feels right now – for all we know, he’s smiling that he pulled his scam for so long!

The point is – the media itself is manipulating you by selecting this photo which has nothing to do with the current situation.

Source: In Just a Few Painful, Embarrassing Minutes, Facebook Showed Just How Arrogant It Is |

Proof that #Facebook censored the political posts and ads we saw #DeleteFacebook

Last Friday, I hypothesized that I saw only left wing political propaganda on Facebook in 2016 because Facebook had presumably identified me as “Liberal”. This hypothesis is now confirmed. This political attribute was used by Facebook as a filter – I saw left wing click bait ads, and due to Facebook’s news feed filtering, I only saw left wing propaganda posters shared by “friends”.

As a consequence of that, most of the propaganda posters I evaluated on this blog were left wing posters. I did, at times, search for conservative propaganda to examine (but never could find that much). I was mystified as to why I saw only left wing propaganda while the news media was telling us that all social media propaganda was conservative.

Now we know how this occurred – here is the Facebook description of my politics in a single word:

Facebook was deliberately censoring conservative propaganda so I never saw it- and censoring based on a lie. Also, I do not own a Galaxy S6 and never have. Their data base model is garbage.

I posted my politics on the About page. I took an online survey of issues and policies and the survey concluded I should vote for Bernie Sanders or Rand Paul, with equal measure even though the two are nearly opposites!

Thereafter, the list alternated left/right/left/right down the list, showing that characterizing me as left or right was hardly a useful distinction. In fact, was not then a member of any political party and I had not been a party member for decades. However, in the spring of 2017, I joined my state’s Libertarian Party.

Because of this egregious error by Facebook, and my being perplexed by crazy left wing propaganda posters, I started this blog and ended up mostly analyzing (and demolishing) left wing propaganda posters.

This and so much more that we have learned during the past week illustrates that Facebook’s continued operation is dangerous for the safety of the world. Facebook is nothing more than a pure propaganda operation based on global surveillance. Facebook operated in a reckless manner, tearing our society apart and having no regard for what it was doing. I cannot think of a more vile and disgusting organization than Facebook nor a more vile and disgusting individual than the arrogant, narcissistic lying Mark Zuckerberg.