#Facebook admits they support age and gender discrimination in advertising

  • “Like other major ad platforms, we enable targeting based on age and gender”

Because, you know, everyone discriminates based on age and gender so we do it too!

They also have features to target ads based on race and ethnicity. Which also means they enable advertisers to discriminate by race and ethnicity for say, things like housing or jobs. Facebook mostly hems and haws and says its a hard problem to solve.

Facebook can not prohibit racial, ethnic and gender discrimination automatically so they have instead created policies telling advertisers that discrimination is naughty so do not do that.

Source: US Congress


The firestorm over “transgender” bathroom access

The past few weeks have been a media fire storm over “transgender rights” and access to public and privately owned bathroom facilities labeled “Women” or “Girls” or “Men” or “Boys”.

But there is a bigger issue to address in terms of our locker room style, gender specific bathrooms. Parents with young children, and anyone assisting a disabled personĀ  encounter the problem of gender specific bathrooms all the time.

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