#Facebook is a platform for mind control #DeleteFacebook #Zuckerberg

Perhaps at some point in the past few years you’ve told Facebook that you like, say, Kim Kardashian West.


What you probably missed is that researchers had figured out how to tie your interest in Ms. Kardashian West to certain personality traits, such as how extroverted you are (very), how conscientious (more than most) and how open-minded (only somewhat). And when your fondness for Ms. Kardashian West is combined with other interests you’ve indicated on Facebook, researchers believe their algorithms can predict the nuances of your political views with better accuracy than your loved ones.

Facebook creates a detailed psychological profile of you, to determine your weaknesses, vulnerabilities and key times to “see you something” via advertising or propaganda messaging. “Something” may be a product, a service or someone’s ideology.

More on this in the next post.

Police said to be able to routinely access encrypted #iphones #privacy

Police forces and federal agencies around the country have bought relatively cheap tools to unlock up-to-date iPhones and bypass their encryption, according to a Motherboard investigation based on several caches of internal agency documents, online records, and conversations with law enforcement officials.

Source: Cops Around the Country Can Now Unlock iPhones, Records Show – Motherboard

Aleksandr Kogan collected direct messages between #Facebook users #DeleteFacebook #Privacy #Zuckerbuerg

Aleksandr Kogan collected direct messages sent to and from Facebook users who installed his This Is Your Digital Life app, the Guardian can reveal. It follows Facebook’s admission that the company “may” have handed over the direct messages of some users to the Cambridge Analytica contractor without their express permission. The revelation is the most severe breach of privacy yet in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Source: Revealed: Aleksandr Kogan collected Facebook users’ direct messages | News | The Guardian

Note – other apps had the ability to do this too. This is not just limited to Kogan’s app and Cambridge Analytica.

Having just finished reading Code Warriers by Stephen Budiansky, it seems 100% likely that US spy agencies would have used these methods to collect everything as well (at least for all FB users outside the U.S.).

Hah hah: #facebook does not sweep up data, you give it to us!

“We are not sweeping up data. People are inputting data. People are sharing data with Facebook,” she said.

You mean like our Android telephone and text message metadata?

Everyone knew they were just giving this to Facebook?

Our off Facebook web access was being collected and we all knew that?