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Politics: The enduring Scandinavian socialism fantasy

Some politicians and popular memes assert that Scandinavian socialism is a model for the world. Except the Scandinavian governments themselves note they are not socialist countries. They are free market economies with high taxes supporting a large social safety net; they are not socialist countries. If the U.S. had the same tax structure as Denmark, then you would pay an income tax of 55.9% above $65,000/year in income.

Did Vox advocate censoring social media? No.

This propaganda poster is now spreading online. The original Vox Tweet is here. It contains a link to a video explaining their thinking. They are clear in their video that they are not advocating censoring these individuals. The video concludes with the problems that emerge when speech is censored and the practical problems of policing platforms like YouTube that see 400 hours of new video uploaded every minute. The Vox video does not encourage censorship. Commentary There is, though, a…

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The World Happiness Report 2018: Fairy Tales and Myths for influencing the world!

The propaganda machine is at it again: The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness. The World Happiness Report 2018, ranks 156 countries by their happiness levels, and 117 countries by the happiness of their immigrants. Source: World Happiness Report 2018 | World Happiness Report This report, as described in extreme detail by us in the past, is a myth. Numerous organizations create “world’s happiest” metrics and they all mostly disagree with one another….

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Facebook testing anti-fake news features

Facebook is going to start fact checking, labeling, and burying fake news and hoaxes in the News Feed, the company announced on Thursday. Source: Facebook is going to use Snopes and other fact checkers to combat fake news “Fake news” is what we used to call “propaganda”. Facebook has been aware of the propaganda platform issue since at least 2014. Many users (like me) use FB less because we recognize that FB is an ideal platform for the friction-less distribution…

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Unknown conservative group creates fake poster to spread untrue meme

TL;DR Summary Photo allegedly shows injuries to a female Trump supporter after violent protests against Trump at a Trump campaign rally. The photo is actually a test photo of an actress, after injury makeup was applied, as part of a movie production. The photo has nothing to do with a Trump rally. The photo was distributed by a small Facebook page called “Conservative Nation” (the post has apparently been removed) and was then shared thousands of time online.   Photos are “re-purposed”…

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Iceland poster uses true statements to lead you to believe a false conclusion

TL;DR Summary This is a popular type of propaganda poster on social media: the poster features many claims pasted over a photo, allegedly presenting the evidence for a conclusion. The conclusion is false but most of the statements are true. Since the target may recognize some items as true, our quick System 1 thinking engages and assumes the false items are also true because they sound plausible. Of course, this sleight of hand has produced a logical fallacy that is easy to…

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