How Bill Gates counts to ten

535262_1062083727194664_2973402809911262815_nTL;DR Summary

  • Funny-made me laugh.
  • But the humor only works if you succumb to “What you see is all there is”.
  • The list leaves out Windows 98SE and Windows ME.
  • Windows NT and 2000 were business operating systems that were later merged with the consumer operating system to create Windows XP. NT and 2000 were not linear successors to Windows 98, by any means.  Indeed, NT was shipping two years before Windows 98 was released!
  • Shared into my FB feed, this poster is not really propaganda so much as an attempt at humor. As humor, it works, but alas, like propaganda, it relies on errors, omissions and logical fallacy to work.

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Rare use of data in an effective propaganda poster

This is from Bill Gates. I have not vetted the content of the chart, but I assume it is true and correct.

11846782_10153056365851961_3925275655836962127_nTL;DR Summary

  • The point of this poster is to illustrate R&D spending on 3 categories: Defense, health and energy. It is effective in part due to its simplicity and use of  data.
  • Data is not used often in propaganda posters because emotional appeals and pithy quotes are processed quickly by our System 1 thinking.

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