Transferring dislike for one on to another using a false quote

12088548_1197553540258397_8297689775397707990_nTL;DR Summary

  • Poster suggests that Hillary Clinton is advocating the same policies as Adolf Hitler by pairing up alleged quotes from both.
  • There is no evidence that Clinton said this. The quote comes from a book whose author admits he made up quotes.
  • The goal is to transfer one’s dislike for Hitler to Clinton via logical fallacy.

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Pre-propaganda – not all propaganda messaging comes with a “to do” list

11221711_467941113387769_9069897769083277186_nTL;RD Summary

  • A positive message, albeit, a “feel good” glittering generality. The message is honest .
  • The design of the poster could be better by suggesting some action to be taken but in some ways, this might be viewed as “pre-propaganda”  which is messaging that preps the target for later propaganda that calls for action.

The poster was on FB and came from  It uses the methods of “testimonial”, “appeal to authority”, “celebrity endorsement” and a “glittering generality”. The poster design is clean and simple and the message is easily understood.