Context matters – poster from unions4workers deleted a key word to tell a lie

12552872_967885293297610_2504569832739597361_nTL;DR Summary

  • The poster conveys that James Madison believed in 1817 that business corporations are inherently evil regarding accumulation of property.
  • The person who created this poster left out one word: “in perpetuity by [ecclesiastical] corporations” which completely changes the meaning.
  • The quote is contained in a paragraph about the power of religious bodies, in a document that is entirely about “Ecclesiastical Bodies” (Churches).
  • Unions4Workers is telling an outright lie.

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Abraham Lincoln’s false quote used to endorse political meme

A common social media propaganda technique uses quotes from well known historical figures or celebrities to strengthen one’s argument. Not surprisingly, many of the quotes are fiction, some are attributed to the wrong person, and many are taken wildly out of context.

11012965_890061614420227_8299142713552254152_nTL;DR Summary

  • This quote suggests  Abraham Lincoln had a prescient warning about corporations in America’s future.
  • But he never said this. This is a made up quote.
  • The goal, as propaganda, is to rely on the “Appeal to Authority”, approach, but also using a Celebrity Endorsement and Transference.

The idea is to “transfer” one’s feelings for something (a person, an event, an experience) on to another function. The item below “transfers” our respect for Lincoln to the alleged quote concerning the evil of corporations and the concentration of wealth.

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