Doctored photos that no one questions

CeQke0-WQAAwyQOTL; DR Summary

  • Doctored or “PhotoShopped” photos are common in propaganda. This photo appeared in my social media this morning, purportedly showing a dog peeing on the face of Ted Cruz.
  • This is a doctored photo from 2012. The original is here. We have seen and will see many more like this during an election cycle.
  • The original photo was of Rasim Ljajic, a medical doctor and the Minister of Foreign and Domestic Trade and Telecommunications, and President of the Social Democratic Party of Serbia.
  • This works as propaganda because its funny and for those who wish it to be true, it seems plausible. They quickly Like and Share the photo on social media. Oddly enough, the original photo from which this was stolen featured the President of the Social Democratic Party.

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Emotional Appeal: This dog did not dig a hole to be close to a deceased owner

CaptureTL;DR Summary

Making the rounds on FB again today:

“A dog dug a hole in the tomb of his owner, who has just died so he can be close to him. Nothing in the World can Compare with the Love and Loyalty of a Dog for his Friend.”

The story is false.  More here and here. As of today, this has been shared over 8,600 times on FB alone.

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