1 in 7 Americans do not go to bed hungry every night

10994332_1683314901901725_8570222415649881675_nTL;DR Summary

  • 12002864_1683314928568389_3647226741225899605_nFalse, yet these posters are used by huge charities to raise “awareness” and funds
  • Relies on a survey that measured “Food insecurity” (not the same as hunger-see below), and leaped from 1 in 7 experienced “food insecurity” at least once in a year to the fictional claim that “1 in 7 people already go to bed hungry”. The assertion that 1 in 7 people go to bed hungry is false.
  • Canadian reporter Daniel Gardner found similar false claims made in Canada.
  • Successful as propaganda messaging due to its message simplicity, and because it has been repeated so often, it sounds plausible, even though it is not true.


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